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Comes with Transportatioin Features

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VOIXZ Features

VOIXZ features helps yours communication and industry.

Text & Voice

In VOIXZ, you are able sharing Image, Text, Voice and even Location to the members appears in the address book. All is quick and simple.

Work and Leisure

We want our work and leisure to be separated. Makes VOIXZ is the communication for your work only.

The Radar

Radar features help you quickly identify your group users location. Everything is getting simple, clear cut with Radar features.

Industrial Application

VOIXZ is not only a communcation software, but also a platform for your corporate or iundustry use. Contact VOIXZ team so we could assist you to achieve your goal.

Keep the pace with VOIXZ

VOIXZ is more than just a communication APP. Let see how our features help users.

Why You Need VOIXZ App

VOIXZ is more than a communication mobile APP.  VOIXZ is developed with the goal for improving the transportation work flow.  Perhaps there is no limitation for VOIXZ mobile APP, VOIXZ could be tail[...]

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SCAN Feature – Listen to Multi Talk Group

Walkie talkie user knows that he only be able listen the talk group voice unless their talkie is tune to the same frequency.  With the SCAN features in VOIXZ APP, now our user could listen the voice [...]

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VOIXZ is a tele-communication mobile APP develop for dedicate user who appreciate communication.  The APP has several basic functions as many communications APP available in the market however VOIXZ [...]

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Customer Said

Let see how VOIXZ has help our customers

We have been searching a communication software suit for logistic industry. We highly recommend VOIXZ. The software is tailor made for our industry. Hua Xin Transport from Logistic Industry
Provide prompt message flow, user oriented and excellence support. We vote for VOIXZ.Sai Bon from Servicing Industry
VOIXZ has help integrating communication and work arrangement in a single plat form. It makes entire process becomes more effective.Ji from ASHRAE Industry

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  • Classic Version

  • Free
  • Join Public Talk Group
  • Send Text, Voice, Location
  • Basic Function
  • -
  • -
  • Download
  • Gold Version

  • USD5 per month
  • Corporate Talk Group
  • Send Text, Voice, Location
  • Basic Function
  • Premium Features
  • Hotline Support
  • Download
  • Pro Version

  • USD10 per month
  • Corproate Talk Group
  • Send Text, Voice, Location
  • Basic + Radar Function
  • Premium Festures
  • Hotline Support
  • Contact VOIXZ


You are welcome to leave us any message. You could also send us an email to sales@voixz.com

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