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VOIXZ is a tele-communication mobile APP develop for dedicate user who appreciate communication.  The APP has several basic functions as many communications APP available in the market however VOIXZ added with much more unique function for users who need more.

VOIXZ has gained a high remark from our users as the APP is developed base on their needs.  Let us quickly go through some basic and unique function of VOIXZ APP.

Functions for VOIXZ APP

User of VOIXZ APP, they are freely to create or join public talk group.  Some of our VOIXZ users are corporate users, they could create Corporate Talk Group for their own organization.  The Corporate Talk Group is a private group for dedicate users.  The message, voice recording and data are strictly among the user within the group.  No outsider is allowed to enter the group unless being invited by the moderator.

VOIXZ APP comes with basic function, such as:

  • Text message
  • Voice recording
  • Image publish
  • Location sharing

On top of above basic function, there are several unique functions which suitable for dedicate user.  This includes:

  • Voice auto play
  • History voice auto-replay
  • Scan function which able to listen several talk group
  • Able link with bluetooth hand mic
  • Quick location sharing (works with dedicate VOIXZ device)
  • Group member location display (available for Pro version)

Who is Suitable for VOIXZ APP

VOIXZ is specially designed for users who appreciate communication or just focus on communication.  Many of VOIXZ users are those who want a prompt voice delivery with no free hand.  The voice message will auto play once received.  User is also able to replay the selected message once they need.

Many of VOIXZ APP users are related to these categories:

  • Transportation fleet
  • Patrolling security guard
  • Restaurant and hotel Waitress

How to Download VOIXZ APP

Currently VOIXZ APP only available in Android version and it could be located in Google Play Store.  By searching the keyword “VOIXZ PTT Client”, you will see this famous APP logo pop up in front of you.

Just follow the instructions, you will have the Classic version of VOIXZ APP within the next couple of minutes.  The Pro and Gold version of VOIXZ APP only available for corporate users who register with us.  We will send them a separate link for downloading both versions.

VOIXZ APP is a dedicate communication software tailor made for the industry users.  You are welcome to download the APP to try out yourselve.

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