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SCAN Feature – Listen to Multi Talk Group

Walkie talkie user knows that he only be able listen the talk group voice unless their talkie is tune to the same frequency.  With the SCAN features in VOIXZ APP, now our user could listen the voice from multi talk group without switching the talk group.

In our team, he had spent a tremendous effort in developing the SCAN features.  With this features, our user could monitor the communication among difference talk group or channel.  We know SCAN features could be new to many users, we would like to take this opportunity giving some briefing to our user about this SCAN feature.

What is SCAN Features?

SCAN is a function feature that it will continue monitor any voice receive from various talk groups.  In practical case, user always engages in several talk groups.  In traditional walkie talkie, the user is unable listen to various talk groups.  Now with SCAN feature in VOIXZ, user could listen to various talk groups as long as they turn on the VOIXZ APP.

The SCAN features is designed in such a way that the system will automatic swap through the talk group, all the voice message in various talk groups will automatically reported.

Who Needs SCAN Features?

SCAN feature is a remarkable innovation in communication industry.  Once our user installed the SCAN feature, he could listen to any voice communication occur in the talk group he subscript.  Many of below users have downloaded VOIXZ with SCAN feature, this include:

  1. Corporate manager
  2. Coordinate Supervisor
  3. Listen to broadcast user

With the SCAN feature, user shall able getting information from various talk groups.  This also helping them understands the situation at the same moment.

How to Get SCAN Feature?

SCAN feature is not included in the classic version of VOIXZ APP.  It appears in Gold Version of VOIXZ.  User who interested in SCAN feature could always leave us a message.  We will reply you and guide you through the appropriate site for downloading the VOIXZ – Gold version.

There are many other features available in VOIXZ.  Those features consider our innovation and invention for helping our user in improving the communication efficiency.  SCAN is just one of the key features we invented.  We are very much confident our team will not stop here, we will continue working with users and providing them more and better features.

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