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Why You Need VOIXZ App

VOIXZ is more than a communication mobile APP.  VOIXZ is developed with the goal for improving the transportation work flow.  Perhaps there is no limitation for VOIXZ mobile APP, VOIXZ could be tailor made for any industry application as you want.

We are an organization gather with many enthusiasms in programming, the group also support by the expert in transportation business.  We use VOIXZ as the basic platform, and we add other features in this APP to make it perfect for the industry.  VOIXZ also work with Lorry TM Management System so that we could join effort bringing new perspective for the industry.


VOIXZ is developed and equipped with all features commonly used in transport industry.  Users who are related to transport industry should install the VOIXZ APP.  This includes:

  • Goods Consignor
  • Transporter
  • Logistic Company
  • Transport Agent
  • Lorry Driver
  • Truck Driver
  • Truck Maintenance Foreman

Features Incorporate in VOIXZ App

VOIXZ comes with many add-on features especially those commonly used in logistics and transportation industry.  All the features are developed and prove to be effective by our users.  User may choose the relevant features module for their daily logistic operation.

  • Corporate level communication platform include voice, text and images sharing.
  • Road tax, permit and insurance alert system
  • Delivery logistic planning and accomplishment
  • Vehicle Maintenance System
  • Vehicle Repairing Record System
  • Costing Module
  • Emergency Response Support

Use VOIXZ as your Turn Key for Logistic Success

It is not easy to success in transport industry, it even challenging to achieve continual profitable result.  Since transport industry is a labour intensive industry, we are facing all sort of challenge every day.  In order to sustain in the industry, a transport company has to setup a systematic approach to ensure the logistic job quality and prompt response to incident.

VOIXZ APP incorporate with logistic features is helping the transporter turn into success.  With VOIXZ APP, you are able to experience:

  • Systematic procedure to carry out logistic job
  • Computerize to ensure adequate information is collected
  • Align transportation job sequence
  • Able to monitor the job progress
  • Strong technical support for future features expansion

With VOIXZ App, carrying out logistic job is never been so easy.  We have outlined the basic working procedure into module concept, all modules are independent and user could adopt the module which may help.

Please leave your contact information in the contact VOIXZ, we will get to you shortly.  Or you could also download Classic Version of VOIXZ app from Google Play Store.  Enjoy and see you in the VOIXZ.

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